George Dimitrakopoulos


George Dimitrakopoulos has a research experience of more than 15 years (2002- ) in the following areas:

-          High-speed wireless access networks (2G, 3G, B3G, 4G, 5G)

-          Mobile communications

-          Cellular networks

-          Cognitive wireless networks

-          Optimization and performance evaluation of wireless systems

-          Intelligent transport systems

-          Vehicular communications (V2X)

-          Highly automated driving functions

-          Smart radio systems

-          Smart cities and communities

-          Electronic healthcare services

-          Information technology education


George's research interests include the design and development of management and optimization strategies for wireless networks and the design and development of relevant telematics applications. They also include the design and development of management algorithms based on cognitive networking principles. Based on his participation in numerous research and development efforts at a worldwide level, he has been specialized in designing, developing and validating services and applications based on cognitive wireless networks, in the following areas:

  • Intelligent transport systems (ITS), such as: 5G-D2D, V2X communications, obstacle recognition systems, highly automated driving functions, vehicles’ safety systems, vehicles’ safety management functionality, design and management of car pooling systems, etc.
  • Management of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) services and applications, such as: applications for data transmission over heterogeneous and dynamically changing environments, in the context of the Future Internet (FI), big data services and applications, 5G networks, etc.
  • Electronic healthcare systems, such as: architecture of cognitive wireless networks for supporting emergency healthcare applications, abstraction wireless access platform for healthcare applications, etc.